• The Presidential Commission on Sustainability

    The purpose of the Presidential Commission on Sustainability is to serve as an advisory body on matters of environmental sustainability at Kennesaw State University. Click here for more information.

  • Alternative Energy Innovation Center

    The mission of the Alternative Energy Innovation Center (AEIC) is to conduct research, engage in educational outreach programs, and promote good practices in energy conversion, storage, and delivery. The AEIC will continually seek outside funding to support its activities and will strive to enhance KSU student degrees by coordinating a degree emphasis on sustainability across the campus. 

    Energy Hunter

    The Energy Hunter video series explains energy fundamentals while exploring new and sustainable methods for generating, storing, and using energy.

    KSU Culinary Sustainability

    The KSU Culinary and Hospitality Services team is committed to providing the highest level of quality food and service at a great value to the KSU campus community. The Commons incorporates a variety of sustainable operations including an on-site 2,500 square foot herb garden, single stream recycling, large-scale composting, and eight hydroponic units that provide 700 heads of fresh lettuce every three weeks – more than 9,000 pounds a year! An on-site shitake mushroom garden supplies fresh mushrooms and an on-site grist mill grinds fresh grits and cornmeal. Culinary and Hospitality’s commitment to providing a sustainably sound dining operation is changing the face of campus dining. 

    Sustainability at Kennesaw State University

    Kennesaw State University is dedicated to creating and maintaining a sustainable campus by promoting behavioral changes, enacting university policies, and initiating initiating projects that promote environmental sustainability. 

    International Knowledge & Research Center for Green Building

    The International Knowledge & Research Center for Green Building & Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions (IKRC) is the virtual and physical destination for students, educators and professionals to learn about and apply sustainability concepts through research, teaching, curriculum development, and community outreach.

  • Engineers For A Sustainable World at KSU

    Established in 2002, Engineers for a Sustainable World is a non-profit organization aimed at developing sustainable solutions to make the world better. The organization is composed students, faculty, and industry professionals. 

    Students for Environmental Sustainability (S.E.S)

    The mission of this organization is to promote the practice of environmental and communal sustainability by supporting the local economy through local agriculture.