Veterans Affairs

  • Presidential Commission

    Presidential Commission on Veterans Affairs

    The primary mission of Kennesaw State University’s Presidential Commission on Veterans Affairs is ensuring that KSU provides an inclusive and active campus environment for all members of the veteran community (Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni) who identify as veterans, service members, spouses, dependents, or survivors. Click here for more information.

  • Campus Resources

    Georgia Advancing Veterans Education (GAVE)

    The Georgia Advancing Veterans Education (GAVE) initiative is a structured series of programs designed to provide military veterans in Georgia with the opportunity to increase their knowledge, develop their skills and assist them in pursuing their dreams. The programs are offered at no cost to participants and include materials, instruction, hotel accommodations and meals. Programs that are under GAVE include Veterans Entrepreneurship Training (VET) and Veterans Sales Training (VST). 

    Military Educational Benefits

    Active duty and honorably discharged members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and National Guard may qualify for military education benefits.  

    Military Transfer Credit Policy

    Military Transfer Credit may be awarded for undergraduate students accepted to Kennesaw State University Fall 2012 or later that have served in the U.S. Military and who desire to have their military training and experience considered for transfer credit. 

    Military and Veteran Services

    Military and Veteran Services provides resources for military veterans, active and reserve military members, in addition to spouses and dependents. Veterans Services is committed to providing direct assistance to you in receiving your educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Although our main goal is the initiation and assured continuation of educational benefits, we are available to provide supportive services to veterans, national guardsmen, reservists, and eligible beneficiaries enrolled at Kennesaw State University. Click here for more information.

    Veterans Admissions

    Veterans Admissions coordinates registration and provides a support network for all veterans who are interested in applying to Kennesaw State University. 

  • Student Organizations

    ROTC Club

    Reserve officer training corps Club is an organization that was created to help cadets involved with KSU Army ROTC better their leadership skills by volunteering and managing programs that better the KSU community. 

    Semper Fi Society (SFS)

    Kennesaw State University's Semper Fi Society is a Registered Student Organization designed to promote veteran awareness and advocacy. 

    Student Veterans Club (SVC)

    To provide a network for military veterans, their families and supporters. To educate the University community about the experiences of military veterans and work with the University administration to help meet the unique needs of student veterans. 

    U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Program

    The U.S. Coast Guard University Program (AUP) is an extra-curricular program facilitated through a close knit campus unit. AUP is designed to prepare students for success in any field.