Building Bridges Not Barriers

Join us for our keynote celebration of MLK Week at KSU featuring Reverend Harold Middlebrook and others.

  • Harold Middlebrook

    Reverend Harold Middlebrook 

    Reverend Middlebrook was a friend of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and an active member of the civil rights movement. 

    Thursday, January 14, 2021

    11:30 AM

    Virtual Broadcast hosted by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion 

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    This is a challenging time for our university and our country as we seek to confront issues of racial injustice with greater commitment for real change than we have evidenced in past efforts. KSU is approaching this with sincerity and intentionality. The university is gathering information from stakeholders across both campuses regarding previous experiences and potential solutions. Though this hard work is not occurring at every university, we feel strongly that we must collectively address racial injustice in ways that may make us vulnerable in the short run but will make us stronger in the long run.

    The Presidential Task Force on Race will be providing a set of recommendations for change when their work is completed. Occasionally, there will be events that frustrate our campus community which can only be addressed within the confines of legal requirements. Though we continue to operate in a society with ongoing incidents of racial injustice, we ask that you partner with us in this transformational work. This work will take some time and patience, and we are grateful for those willing to offer all partners grace as we forge ahead.

    Pamela Whitten
    Sylvia Carey-Butler
    Chief Diversity Officer
    Eric Arneson
    Vice President for Student Affairs

    Presidential Task Force on Race Underway

    President Pamela Whitten set forth our charge to action in her recent statement to the university community. "Let us move forward with compassion as we recognize that we are collectively responsible for pursuing real change."

    Kennesaw State University fully supports and values an inclusive, welcoming, and affirming community with visible and meaningful representation of diversity. We seek to promote a climate of civility and respect where diversity of ideas, expressions, and viewpoints are welcomed.

    Therefore, President Whitten has established the KSU Presidential Task Force on Race. Kennesaw State is committed to protecting the rights of all to ensure that each person in our community is empowered, valued, and respected for their contributions to the mission of this university.