Chief Diversity Officer Welcome Message

Welcome to the Division of Diverse and Inclusive Excellence!

I am honored and excited to serve as our Chief Diversity Officer at such an inspiring time for our institution. Kennesaw State University is a diverse and inclusive community where we celebrate a diversity of ideas, expressions, and viewpoints, engage in civil and respectful discourse, and have the freedom to engage with one another in the pursuit of mutual understanding and intellectual growth.

The Division of Diverse and Inclusive Excellence seeks to foster an inclusive learning and work environment that promotes an understanding of, and appreciation for, difference through initiatives, programs, services, and training. We celebrate the wealth of diverse excellence that exists in our community and engage each other with respect as fellow humans. It is our ultimate mission to leverage diverse excellence to produce transformational innovation and impact.

In carrying out this mission, we engage with faculty, staff, students, and the communities and partners that support us, as we strive to make KSU a place of success that feels like home for each member of our campus community.

We warmly invite you to join us on our mission to thrive as a diverse and inclusive community of excellence.



Sonia J. Toson, JD, MBA, CDP

Sonia Toson