Center for Diversity Leadership and Engagement

The Center supports campus and community-based scholarship on issues of ability, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, sustainability, and military status and their intersections with other aspects of difference. Scholarship produced through the Center will aim to raise awareness, foster engagement, and encourage discussion on the aforementioned diversity priority areas. At its core, the Center is committed to academic leadership and engagement that breaks down the false dichotomy between rigorous scholarship, on the one hand, and campus and community involvement, on the other. 

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Faculty Fellows 2018-2019

  • Michael Carroll

    Michael Carroll

    Sustainability Faculty Fellow

    Michael Carroll’s project entitled Performative Façades: De-constructing Identity Through Architectural Design, embraces sustainability from both a technological and a cultural perspective.

    As a founder of KSUs material library (MAT_Lab), Carroll’s research focuses on materials, material expression and fabrication in contemporary architectural design. In terms of technology, the proposal intends to utilize innovative and smart materials in the fabrication of performative façades that filter light and air. More importantly, from a cultural perspective, these technologies will be deployed in the design of a series of façade systems for non-profit groups in Metro Atlanta that traditionally have been under-represented. These architectural interventions would not only make buildings that house these groups more ecologically sustainable but also positively contribute to the cultural identities of those organizations.

    • Dr. Neil Duchac

      Dr. Neil Duchac

      Veterans Faculty Fellow

      Dr. Duchac is Assistant Professor of Social Work and Human Services. During the fellowship year, Dr. Duchac will examine the campus climate, inclusive of the thoughts and perspectives, of veterans at KSU. Further, he will examine differing factors that may impact the learning process of our veteran population. Additionally, he plans to share these results with faculty members to enhance the learning process and overall effectiveness of learning for veterans at KSU.


      • Dr. Richard Mosholder

        Dr. Richard Mosholder

        Race and Ethnicity Faculty Fellow

        Dr. Richard (Rick) Mosholder is Associate Professor of Psychology. He has developed and collaborated closely with a research team to examine the experiences of Black male students at KSU. During his fellowship, Dr. Mosholder will continue to work closely with his research team to develop, support and assess programs that will increase Black male students’ success trajectories, including enhanced retention and persistence.

        • Dr. Cameron Greensmith

          Dr. Cameron Greensmith

          LGBTQ Faculty Fellow

          Dr. Cameron Greensmith is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work and Human Services and Affiliate Faculty Member in the American Studies Program at KSU. During the 2017-2018 school term, Dr. Greensmith, in partnership with the Office of LGBTQ Student Programs, the LGBTQ Presidential Commission, and the Department of Social Work and Human Services, created the inaugural Queer Research Day. Evolving out of this momentum, Dr. Greensmith will conduct qualitative research to assess what kinds of programming LGBTQ communities and their allies need on campus—addressing the overarching question: what does it mean to be queer in the south?

          • Elizabeth Martin Headshot

            Elizabeth Martin

            Sustainability Faculty Fellow 

            Elizabeth Martin is an Associate Professor of Architecture. During her fellowship year, Liz will be developing a new curriculum in Real Estate Sustainable Development as a campus-wide undergraduate minor to prepare students for careers in the corporate sector, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, or environmental advocacy groups. As proposed, this new minor will be an interdisciplinary one-year program to prepare students to become effective and influential participants in the fields of real estate, finance, design and development. The intent of this undergraduate minor is to not only help students develop a systems-level perspective of the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainable developments, but also raise awareness within the broader campus community.

            • Dawn Baunach Headshot

              Dr. Dawn Baunach

              LGBTQ Faculty Fellow

              Dr. Dawn Baunach's project will involve a survey of LGBTQ students on their experiences at KSU. The survey will assess students' experiences in their classes, public campus areas, residence halls and dorms, in campus clubs and activities, and with university offices. The project will yield rich data to assess the climate for LGBTQ students at KSU, bringing attention to areas of inclusive success and suggest areas for improvement. Dr. Baunach is Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and Professor of Sociology.

              • Dr. Ann M. Bennett Headshot

                Dr. Ann M. Bennett

                Disability Faculty Fellow

                Dr. Ann Bennett is an Assistant Professor of Reading Education and a faculty member with an invisible disability. During her fellowship year, she will be hosting a Disability Literacy Roundtable in order to develop disability literacy within the campus community. Disability literacy seeks to use the social construct of disability, as defined by individuals outside of the disability community, and the biological fact of disability, as defined by those within the disability community, to examine how institutions and individuals participate in ableism. The intent is to begin a dialogue between and among able-bodied and (dis)abled individuals at KSU in order to develop an anti-ableist stance on campus that resists and challenges systemic and endemic ableism.

                • Dr. Carlton Anthony Usher

                  Dr. Carlton Anthony Usher

                  Sustainability Faculty Fellow 

                  Dr. Usher will focus on the development of a sustainability universe for incoming first-year students. Initially, Dr. Usher will collect data via a survey instrument (FYSSI) to first-year students in order to gauge their understanding of sustainability. Consequently, the campus community will access the results to adjust pedagogical and (co)curricular approaches to sustainability. A concurrent focus will be the creation of online and hard copy modules highlighting specific teaching strategies to be adopted by first-year faculty to incorporate as part of the KSU seminar curriculum. These products include lesson plans, case studies, data comprehension methods, a compilation of relevant terminology, a required readings list, a test bank for faculty, and online engagement tools. Dr. Usher will continue to organize sustainability programs/forums for the campus community with first-year as priority. Dr. Usher is an Associate Professor of Political Science.

                  • Dr. Mine Hashas-Degertekin

                    Dr. Mine Hashas-Degertekin

                    Sustainability Faculty Fellow

                    Dr. Mine Hashas-Degertekin is an Associate Professor of Architecture. She has been working with various government agencies, non-profit, and advocacy groups including Atlanta Regional Commission, Transformation Alliance, GA Stand Up, ULI-Atlanta, City of Atlanta, and Soccer in the Street, for identifying social, economic and cultural patterns, and to create place making solutions that will challenge anticipated gentrification in the West-End Neighborhood. During her fellowship Dr Hashas-Degertekin will continue to work with her community partners and will incorporate faculty and students in addressing anticipated gentrification in the West-End.

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