2017-18 Faculty Fellows

  • Abaza

    Dr. Hussein Abaza

    Sustainability Faculty Fellow

    Dr. Abaza’s project intends to promote sustainability as an environmental justice issue at Kennesaw State University and its surrounding communities. Through partnerships with faculty across various disciplines, a sustainability group will be created and faculty will be encouraged to incorporate sustainability education in their curriculums. Students will also be engaged in sustainable community service activities to learn effective natural resources usage, especially in underserved and disadvantaged population.

    • Nyasha

      Dr. Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper

      Race and Ethnicity Faculty Fellow

      Dr. GuramatunhuCooper's project examines the cultural identities that are present at Kennesaw State University and how they impact institutional culture. Through activities such as living libraries, narratives, and curriculum development, the project aims to provide a platform for the institution to leverage the personal and cultural identities present on the campus.

      • Dr. James McCafferty

        Veterans Faculty Fellow

        Dr. McCafferty’s project intends to develop a new needs assessment instrument designed to measure student veterans’ mental health, health-risk behaviors, academic difficulties, and difficulties with peers and faculty members. By identifying student veteran needs and linking them to support services and programs currently available at KSU, the project hopes to help KSU better understand the student veteran population, therefore ensuring that the unique educational and student-life needs of student veterans and service members are addressed so that they can be successful at KSU and beyond in their future careers.

        • PMcDaniel

          Dr. Paul McDaniel

          Race and Ethnicity Faculty Fellow

          Dr. McDaniel proposes to grow and strengthen the activities and scope of the Georgia Immigration Research Network (GIRN). He plans to use an existing dataset about research and practitioner perspectives on the study of newcomer integration to inform GIRN's growth, establish a website for GIRN, and host several GIRN events at KSU for students, faculty, staff, and the public. The project will provide opportunities for the KSU community to become further involved in community engaged work and educational dialogue focused on Georgia’s immigrant population.

          • CParrott

            Dr. Charles Parrott

            Veterans Faculty Fellow

            Dr. Parrott is leading a team of student-researchers in a performance ethnography project entitled “The Back at Home Project.” The research team will conduct interviews with veterans related to re-acclimating to life after service. The interviews will then be transformed into performances and presented on and off campus in an effort to help the public better understand veteran’s experiences.

            • ESterling Image

              Dr. Evelina Sterling

              Gender Faculty Fellow

              Dr. Sterling’s project focuses on the needs and expectations of KSU students who are also parenting. Her research will help inform specific strategies to improve academic achievement, campus community engagement and retention, progression, and graduation rates among students who are trying to successfully balance school and family.

              • LTreiber

                Dr. Linda Treiber

                Disability Faculty Fellow

                Dr. Treiber's project explores creating an Undergraduate Disability Studies Certificate program designed to increase knowledge and marketable skills for understanding issues faced by people with disabilities on college campuses, workplaces, and beyond. She also plans to survey employers to help determine which disability-related skills they most value in prospective employees.