Division of Diverse & Inclusive Excellence Trainings

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The Division of Diverse and Inclusive Excellence broadens awareness and understanding of KSU's mission through educational programming and training. The Division fulfills this commitment through class presentations, affirmative action planning, and training on recruiting and hiring a diverse faculty and staff workforce.

Periodically, members of the Division staff serve as guest speakers. In some instances, the Division of Diverse and Inclusive Excellence invites external guest speakers to campus to add additional insight and perspective on diverse issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Any faculty member, post-doctoral fellow, graduate student, or professional student can benefit from DDIE resources and trainings. The trainings facilitated by DDIE representatives are critical to all areas of academic success and helps to raise individual’s awareness. With this being kept in mind, DDIE resources and trainings are specifically designed to boost participants’ awareness about different topics pertaining to diversity and inclusivity as well as provide knowledge and strategies to enhance interpersonal and communication skills across differences.

  • DDIE can support faculty and staff in several different programs, including the Diversity Liaisons, the Diversity Research Grant, the Inclusive Excellence Cohort Program, training, the Presidential Commissions, and membership with the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

    Strategic Outreach and Diversity Initiatives (SODI) manages a variety of student-centric signature programs, which include Achieve Atlanta Scholars, Coca-Cola Scholars, REACH Georgia and Thrive. Students can also serve as a Diversity Ambassador. The Student Diversity Ambassador Program (DAP) aims to create an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable learning and working community at Kennesaw State through informational programming and student leadership training. 

  • Below is a list of the resources offered by the Division of Diverse and Inclusive Excellence:

    Throughout the year, the division offers an array of academic, cultural, and social programs. In student programming and organizations like DAP Dialogues, Coffee and Conversations, and the Diversity Ambassadors, students are given the opportunity to engage more with topics related to diversity as well as provided with methods and trainings to increase inclusivity.

  • To request programming that is not offered, please fill out the form found here and a member of DDIE will be in touch

  • All members of the KSU community can take advantage of the diversity training free of charge. However, if Global DISC and IDI assessments are required, this will include a fee of the following:

    • Global DISC: $54 per person
    • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI): $18 per person

Current Training Offerings

information on Allyship workshop also found at https://share.percipio.com/cd/jJ6TRpnik

information on cultural competence workshop can be found at https://share.percipio.com/cd/MN47bpZ9vF

information on the fostering civililty workshop can be found here:

information on the inclusive communication workshop is found here: https://share.percipio.com/cd/PRAGI6tg8

Trainings by Request

Preventing Discrimination & Misconduct and Fostering Equity and Inclusion 


Inclusive Hiring

  • Recognize what diversity looks like in hiring and analyze goals
  • Understand that diverse hiring requires diverse channels and methods to be used
  • Offer resources and practices that can be used in department hiring strategies  
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Culture, Community, and Inclusion

  • Provide resources and support that all backgrounds need to achieve their full potential 
  • Be able to recognize attitudes and behaviors that create exclusion 
  • Utilize models presented during the training to intentionally create more inclusive workplace teams
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Building a Culture of Belonging

  • Understand that communication across cultures varies
  • Encourage and celebrate self-identity 
  • Break down unconscious bias and promote respect for diverse backgrounds and viewpoints
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Active Allyship

  • Have a shared definition of allyship
  • Identify opportunities and specific practices to turn the word ally into a verb
  • Have a framework and the necessary tools to be an effective ally in the workplace through everyday interactions, in-the-moment interventions, and continuous advocacy
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Mitigating Bias in the Workplace  

  • Understand how bias undermines effective decision-making, collaboration, and management
  • Recognize where bias can emerge in day-to-day work
  • Define and understand the different types of biases
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Inclusive Leadership

  • Provide resources and support that all backgrounds need to achieve their full potential
  • Be able to recognize attitudes and behaviors that create exclusion
  • Utilize models presented during the training to intentionally create more inclusive workplace teams
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DEI Basics

  • Understand and recognize the importance of DEI in our environment at KSU 
  • Define and understand the terms: diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Reflect on what DEI means to you, colleagues, and Kennesaw State University 
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