Emerging from Within is a historical look into the untold stories and life histories of several of KSU's diversity advocates. The project aims to generate greater understanding of diversity and inclusion at KSU and to archive the efforts of faculty and staff over time. Some of the featured individuals have retired from the University, others continue to play a central role in making KSU a premier diverse institution. A total of 14 individuals participated in the project. Each person has a unique history and has overcome obstacles to be part of a growing University in an ever-changing society.Their contributions range from speaking out against acts of exclusion and injustice, supporting others through both small and large deeds, establishing programs to meet the needs of KSU's diverse body, and building bridges between KSU and surrounding marginalized communities. With humility and grace, these individuals have shared the stories, experiences, and teachings that contributed to their identity and advocacy.

The video below is an introductory overview to the project and our Diversity Advocates. For complete interviews, and to learn more about the compelling histories and experiences of the participants, visit their individual pages on this website.