Emerging From Within is the first installation on the history of diversity at Kennesaw State University. It includes select life histories, photographs, and narratives of individuals who made significant contributions to KSU. The title is adopted from Kennesaw State’s 1983 Yearbook, entitled Montage. At that time, Emerging from Within was a theme that embodied the institution’s “positive growth” to meet the needs of students, faculty and community. Over thirty years later, Emerging from Within continues to represent the collective effort of staff, faculty, and administration to make KSU a national model for diversity and inclusion.

The project also builds upon Kennesaw State University: The First Fifty Years, 1963-2013, the book written by Dr. Thomas Allen Scott. Emerging from Within was made possible by a joint effort between the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, University Information Technology Services Video Production Team, and many others who supported the project in many ways. Photo credit is given to Wesley Channel.

As part of the project, all Diversity Advocates took part in a portrait sitting and life history interview to capture and archive their personal histories and contributions to KSU. Each interview is presented as a series of condensed segments that identify pivotal moments in every diversity advocate’s life. These moments tell the story of how individuals were put on the extraordinary trajectory to be an integral part of the evolution of diversity at Kennesaw State University. The project began in the Fall 2014 and culminated in Spring 2016 with a reception at the Zuckerman Museum of Art and a three week long exhibit in the Social Sciences Building. For complete interviews, and to learn more about the compelling histories and experiences of the participants, visit their individual pages on this website.