Our Charge

Efforts to assess the Marietta campus climate began prior to consolidation with the former Southern Polytechnic State University. In September 2013, then President Lisa Rossbacher created a Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion to explore building an inclusive environment for all faculty, staff, and students. The Task Force had the latitude to determine the scope of its work. Task Force members unanimously agreed early on that a campus climate assessment would provide vital insight into SPSU’s environment.

In November 2013, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents announced SPSU’s consolidation with KSU. The Task Force determined a climate assessment was still needed before the consolidation in order to capture SPSU-specific data. SPSU established the Campus Culture and Climate Assessment Task Force (CCCATF) composed of 13 faculty, staff, students, and administrators, and modified the Kennesaw State survey to better fit the Marietta context. Rankin & Associates were engaged to administer the assessment during fall 2014. Summary findings were presented to the campus community in August of 2015.