Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Commission Purpose 

The purpose of the Presidential Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity is to shape appropriate plans, mechanisms, forums, and/or events for a continuing dialogue on issues of race and ethnicity on the KSU campus. With KSU’s changing demography, and our increasing focus on diversity, internationalism, and multiculturalism, the commission is tasked with identifying and suggesting activities, actions, and policies that will lead to an increased understanding and acceptance of diverse viewpoints and perspectives between and among different members and groups of KSU’s diverse community. 

  • 2020-2021 Commission Chairs:
    Nicole Simmons, Program Coordinator of Outreach and Programming Department of Student Leadership and Service
    (470) 578-2215

    Tristan L. Glenn, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Education
    (470) 578-2657