Racial and Ethnic Dialogue

  • Presidential Commission on Racial & Ethnic Dialogue (CORED)

    The purpose of this commission is to develop and implement plans, mechanisms, forums, and/or events for a continuing dialogue on issues of race and ethnicity on the KSU campus. 

  • Center for African and African Diaspora Studies (CAADS)

    The Center for African and African Diaspora Studies (CAADS) supports the internationalization, global learning and diversity mission of Kennesaw State University through scholarly endeavor and community outreach. CAADS presents programs, encourages collaborative research, offers services and engages in academic and community activities that foster an understanding of the global experiences of people of African descent in Asia, Europe, the Oceania and the Americas. 

    American Studies

    The American Studies Program at Kennesaw State University dedicates itself to crossing boundaries: disciplinary, social, cultural, and institutional. The program is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, focusing on the study of American cultures as they exist locally, regionally, nationally, and transnationally. 

    Asian Studies

    Asian Studies at Kennesaw State University is a growing campus-wide interdisciplinary program that offers an Asian Studies Minor, organizes brownbag presentation series on Asian Studies, promotes Asia-related events and activities, encourages study abroad participation in Asia, as well as fosters interdisciplinary academic research. 

    Confucius Institute

    The nonprofit Confucius Institute at KSU promotes the study of Chinese language, culture, ethics, and philosophy, and furthers the understanding of China today. .

    Division of Global Affairs

    As a recognized leader in global learning, the Division of Global Affairs maintains resources, offers academic services and programs through partnerships, and promotes research and scholarship to understand and impact our complex, interconnected world. 

    International Student Retention Services

    The purpose of International Student Retention Services is to assist international students attending Kennesaw State University. These retention efforts involve assisting with and making referrals regarding admissions, visa concerns, registration, ESL (English as a Second Language), academic support, personal, and social issues. We are deeply invested in your successful education at KSU, and also, we're simply here to be your family away from home. 

    Latin American/Latino Studies

    The Latin American/Latino Studies program allows students to increase their breadth and understanding of Latin America. It also enables one to gain a solid foundation for understanding contemporary Latin American society. 

    Multicultural Student Retention Services (MSRS)

    The mission of Multicultural Student Retention Services (MSRS) is to provide essential resources, services, and programming to retain historically underrepresented students of color at Kennesaw State University. 

    “Year of Program”

    The Year of Program takes a wide-ranging look at a specific country or region over the course of a full academic year with a series of lectures, performances, exhibits, and films, using a multidisciplinary approach to examine the country or region from its earliest history through present-day. The program offers a unique opportunity for our campus and community to develop a rich, complex understanding of the area under study, to break down stereotypes and build connections across cultures, with an emphasis on student learning, faculty development, and community engagement. 

  • African American Student Alliance (AASA)

    The African American Student Alliance (AASA) was founded in the interest of creating a multicultural college environment from the African Diaspora perspective. Our organization accomplishes this by a variation of events throughout the year! 

    African Diaspora Studies Student Organization (AADSSO)

    African and African Diaspora Study Student Organization (AADSSO) aims at raising awareness on this campus about African people, African culture, misconceptions about Africa, and hope to spark a greater interest among the student body regarding the continent. We hope to help educate and inspire the student body here at KSU about the effects of the dispersion of African people here in the United States today. 

    African Students Association (ASA)

    Through outreach programs, community service and social events such as Rhythm Night, A Taste of Africa, African Night and many more, ASA provides support for African students on campus and beyond. One of ASA's goals is to bring unity within the African community, and to make non-Africans aware of Africa as a continent and develop an interest in Africa. 


    Association for Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA)

    ALPFA is the largest Latino association for business professionals and students with chapters nationwide and over 23,000 members. Membership is open to anyone who shares our values, vision, and mission. Click here for more information.

    Caribbean Student Association (CaribSA)

    The Caribbean Student Association (CARIBSA) is an organization focused on bringing about increased knowledge and awareness of the West Indian culture at Kennesaw State University. Our goal is to enhance and celebrate West Indian culture, politics and history through programming and community service. 

    Chinese Language and Culture Club (Chinese Club)

    The goal of this club is to promote the learning of the Chinese language and culture on and off campus. We do this by doing everything we can to make China more accessible and seem less foreign to the average American student. 


    French Club

    The French club is a KSU group that works to promote French language and culture on campus. French is a global language that touches different and vibrant cultures. Our club gives opportunity for our members to learn and grow in their cultural awareness. 

    German Club

    The German Club is for students who are interested in German language, culture, and history. We hold social events that allow students to explore every aspect of German life. 


    Italian Club

    The goal of the Italian Club is to unite students with a common interest in Italian language and culture and participate in events and activities that further this educational enlightenment.

    International Student Association (ISA)

    The International Student Association works to encourage intercultural and social exchange among students of all nationalities through a series of activities and programs of an international nature while connecting the KSU campus to international issues and the international student population.

    Japanese Culture Club (JCC)

    A club where students can discuss all aspects of Japanese Culture.

    Korean – American Students Association (KASA)

    This club promotes, supports, and organizes social and cultural activities for incoming and present members. KASA’s primary goal is to spread awareness and appreciation of Korean culture and history and to provide a cultural exchange among both members and non-members. 

    Korean Language Club

    We, the members of the Korean Language Club, seek to create a fun and safe academic environment for students seeking to gain and/or improve upon conversational and writing Korean language skills. 

    Kennesaw State chapter of National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

    Dedicated to the needs of minority design professionals and to improving the built environment.

    KSU Women of Color Success Initiative (WOCSI)

    The purpose of the WOCSI is to provide systematic, customized growth and personal development strategies to females of color to foster development into self-actualized women of with positive self-esteem and a high regard and commitment to cultivating the success of others.


    Multicultural Programming Board

    The Multicultural Programming Board is the student leadership board that leads the Heritage Month Celebrations for the Kennesaw State University campus. 

    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Kennesaw State University chapter (NAACP)

    The mission of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination. 

    National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

    NABA, or the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. has been the leader in expanding the influence of minority professionals in the fields of accounting and finance since 1969.




    Society for Global Diplomacy

    KSU Society for Global Diplomacy (SGD) is a student organization comprised of 5 model simulation teams (Model UN, Model Arab League, Model African Union, Model NATO, Model European Union) that compete in conferences held all around the world.

    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

    SHPE's vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians and engineers. 

    Sowers of Knowledge (SOK)

    Sowers of Knowledge is an organization made up of students who want to make an impact in the world. Our goal is to make students aware of the problems of education in other parts of the world. For now, we are focusing on francophone Africa. We are engaged in promoting literacy through making books available for unserved children. We also promote the French language in elementary schools in the US by having reading hours with children. 

    Student Union for Peace and Human Rights

    To promote awareness for human rights and peace through research, advocacy, dialogue and action at the grassroots level and to unite students and faculty from all different backgrounds to bring awareness to global issues and promote non-violent action for human rights and conflict resolution. 


    Vietnamese Student Association at KSU

    The purpose of the Vietnamese Students Association is to build relations with campus culture organizations and other student groups at Kennesaw State University; welcome incoming Vietnamese and other minority students, and assist in their transition to the university; provide opportunities for Vietnamese students to interact with each other and share their cultural experiences with the University and the community; and establish communication with other Vietnamese organizations at different schools.