ASPIRE – Recognition Program

Stephen JonesThe ASPIRE Recognition Program acknowledges outstanding SODI students who achieve excellence in their curricular and co-curricular efforts, demonstrating a solid record of growth and accomplishment during their tenure at KSU. ASPIRE inspires students to pursue those opportunities that will enhance their KSU experience and help them gain academic and professional competencies and life skills, for success beyond college. The goal is for students to be transformed by the integration of these experiences and emerge as exemplary leaders and contributors to their communities and future career fields. 

Students receive graduation cords and have their accomplishments and contributions recognized at the annual ASPIRE dinner, with campus and community leaders, family and friends present to celebrate this milestone.

  • Thank you for this honor! I truly appreciate you all recognizing me and my growth here at KSU. I am grateful and glad that I have the opportunity to celebrate the end of my undergrad experience with this gift.”

  • I am so excited to be able to graduate with this honor! This organization has truly been the biggest blessing to me during my time at KSU. Thank you guys for everything.”