Owl2Owl First-Year Mentoring Program

two studentsStrategic Outreach and Diversity Initiatives (SODI) is partnering with the national Mentor Collective organization to implement Owl2Owl, an innovative mentorship program providing support for first-year students in the Achieve Atlanta, REACH Georgia, and Thrive Scholars programs. Owl2Owl matches incoming, first-year students with upper-division KSU Coca-Cola Scholars, to help during the transition into college. The mentors will support new students in setting and achieving their goals, both academically and personally.

The vision for the mentoring program aligns with several first-year outcomes identified in SODI’s strategic priorities, including creating a sense of belonging, developing a strong network of support, and providing resources to introduce and successfully assist new students to college-level requirements. The peer mentoring program aims to help new students meet a range of unique challenges—such as accessing key campus resources, maintaining their scholarships, and persisting through and beyond their first year in college.

Through Owl2Owl, SODI students who are matched with mentors will have on-going access to these upperclassmen who are trained to offer guidance and advice. Students will be matched with a personal mentor based on common academic interests, career goals, life challenges, and experiences. Students can also use the platform’s discussion guides and goal-setting activities to spark meaningful conversations with their mentors. Topics range from time management and work-life balance to networking and job-seeking advice.

one studentThe launch of Owl2Owl reflects the latest research on the positive impacts of personalized, student-centered programs. Mentorship is an effective tool to increase graduation rates and academic achievement in higher education. Students in Mentor Collective Programs, whether mentors or mentees, speak highly of the program and their experience.

New first-year students in Achieve Atlanta, REACH Georgia and Thrive, could opt to have a returning student as a mentor.  Students were matched based on a variety of criteria including majors and interests.  If you have any questions about the Owl2Owl program, please email shae.smith@kennesaw.edu

2021-22 Owl2Owl Mentors

Avery Westbrooks
Auburn Merritt
Carlos Moreland
Charlee Warren
Emily Johnston
Giannys Roman
Hannah Martin
Immanuel Hinton
Jamie Lowe
Johan Dominguez
Johana Morales
Kaheem Fallen
Kamille Suarez-Paulino
Karan Munday
Kathia Acosta
Keoni McKeever
Lordy Brisson
Lupita Medina
Mariela Alvarez
Megan Martin
Mi Tran
Mikayla Geer
Natalie Tipsword
Raul Alcantara
Reagan Parrish, Student Chair
Sabino Galvan
Shae Timmons
Shemar Davenport
Taofik Lawal
Tierra Morrow
Tiondra Grant