REACH Georgia

The REACH Georgia program is a state-wide initiative that financially supports the preparation of potential scholars at the middle school level to attend college. Coordinators continue to mentor REACH Georgia scholars throughout their high school tenure and assist them as they begin to identify their post-secondary school of choice. REACH Georgia is grateful to partners in higher education for their support in helping their scholars with a smooth transition into college and assisting them with their educational goals.

As a campus partner, the department of Strategic Outreach and Diversity Initiatives (SODI), Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides resources and co-curricular programming that enhances student success for Reach Georgia scholars.  Additionally, SODI collaborates with campus partners and the program’s stakeholders to assure the persistence of REACH Georgia scholars pursuing their undergraduate degree from Kennesaw State University.

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    • Reach Ga

      REACH Ga. Campus Liaison

      Duties in this role include assisting incoming students participating in the REACH Ga. program with their transition to college, working with campus partners to assure resources and programming are available to the program's scholars, as well as assisting in future initiatives, community outreach programming, and training/workshops for students and REACH Ga. stakeholders.

      • daffany-anglin

        Daffany Anglin

        Graduation Coach

      • linda-lyons

        Linda Lyons, Ed.D.

        Director of Strategic Outreach and Diversty Initiatives 

      • Monique Richardson

        Monique Richardson

        Academic Advisor

        Responsible for daily advisement and outreach with the students of the REACH program. Ms. Richardson is currently an academic advisor with the Dual Enrollment Program and formerly an instructor with the First Year and Transition Studies department; teaching the first-year seminar. She brings experience in program and organizational leadership, and a broad and diverse knowledge of strategic outreach initiatives as they relate to the student experience.

      • shae-smith

        Shae Smith, M.A.

        Co-curricular Program Specialist