The Presidential Task Force on Race launched KSU’s formal efforts to address historical inequities. However, the next and perhaps most important phase of this work is the implementation and accountability process. As such, the Task Force recommends the Office of Diversity and Inclusion form implementation and accountability teams to align with each of the four areas of work: Curriculum, Faculty, Staff, and Students. The individuals who comprise these teams will be charged with developing plans and timelines for the work of their respective theme. Their efforts will be ongoing, and the campus will be provided with annual reports on institutional progress towards established goals. 

The Task Force report is a blueprint to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at Kennesaw State University. Although it is not inclusive of all possible recommendations, it serves as an important starting point. A sustained commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion requires strong and unwavering institutional change and effort. Through the work of the Presidential Task Force on Race, KSU is demonstrating an ongoing commitment and will move toward fostering a climate of purposeful inclusion. This transformation will require the collective action of all campus stakeholders to ensure organizational change takes place. We did not get to our "current" state overnight, therefore the change we seek will take time to come to fruition. This report will therefore serve as our road map, guiding us toward a shared vision of inclusive excellence.