Report of the Presidential Task Force on Race

Task Force Charge

On July 1, 2020, Kennesaw State University (KSU) Former President Pamela Whitten and Former Provost Kathy Schwaig commissioned the Presidential Task Force on Race to collectively address the racial challenges and opportunities for change that are present in a large university such as KSU. Following extensive research and discussion, the Task Force identified unique and specific recommendations focused on several key areas: Curriculum, Faculty, Policies and Procedures, Staff, and Students. These recommendations outline actions designed to improve the environment on campus and lead to meaningful change for the KSU community and beyond. KSU recognizes that any type of inequity is unacceptable, and while the university is committed to equity at the intersection of a variety of differences, race serves as the primary focus of this report as we strive for both excellence and inclusion at all levels of the institution. The principles included within this report apply beyond race to other underrepresented groups as well.

Foundational to the committee’s work was the vision it developed recognizing Kennesaw State’s commitment to diversity while also acknowledging the demands for change. KSU fully supports and values an inclusive, welcoming, and affirming community complete with visible and meaningful representations of diversity. On May 31, 2020, Former President Whitten wrote the following on behalf of the university as citizens around Georgia and the nation gathered to demand equality and justice: “Let us move forward with compassion as we recognize that we are collectively responsible for pursuing real change.” 

Our nation confronts the impacts of a history that has been marred by acts of overt and systemic racism, racial inequality, injustice, and implicit bias. Because academia is a microcosm of society, college campuses must address the issues of racial inequality. In recognizing the challenges at hand, the Task Force has worked diligently to explore and identify the path forward for KSU to become a leader in promoting a climate of civility and respect, where we are defined by our diversity of ideas, expressions, and viewpoints.