Together we...Thrive!

Thrive Scholars have access to more resources, opportunities, and success in college!

The nationally award-winning Thrive Program creates a community of engaged students who are able to transition more easily into their college experience, with support to help maintain the HOPE scholarship and stay on track to graduate. 

Who can Thrive?  High school seniors entering KSU Fall 2023 with the HOPE Scholarship have the opportunity to join Thrive, immediately entering a community of students who get a jumpstart into college success.

Be like over a thousand students before you who have found their wings in Thrive!

The Mission

  • Thrive students maintain the HOPE scholarship at substantially higher rates than demographically matched groups.

  • Thrive students receive many benefits, resources and support that help them keep hope throughout their college journey. This includes personalized graduation coaching, involvement in workshops and conferences, and on-going access to study abroad experiences, undergraduate research and leadership opportunities.

  • Thrive students have the opportunity to get involved early on, with leadership skill development and practice on campus and in the community. Thrive students make a difference!

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Phone: (470) 578-3550

Strategic Outreach and Diversity Initiatives, 
Division of Diverse and Inclusive Excellence
430 Bartow Avenue NW, MD 2401
Suite 213
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