Program Dates

Thrive offers students the opportunity to participate in programs and events prior to the start of college, during their first year and beyond the first year, giving them advance preparation for the journey ahead. This includes participation in the following required events.

Before First Year

Before First Year (Required Programs)

Spring Workshop (College Success and Registration)

  • These unique workshops are led by the Thrive staff and current students.
  • You will be required to attend one workshop the week of April 24th.
  • Each workshop includes:
    • An introduction to the SODI and Thrive staff, as well as an overview of the Thrive Program and its benefits.
    • A session on how to prepare for college success.
    • A comprehensive discussion of General Education and how it relates to major-specific requirements, how to graduate in four years, and what to expect during the class registration process for Fall 2023.
    • An advising session and registration.

Students will be provided an excused absence note for a college-required program.

Parent College and Thrive Introduction Session 

Parents/guardians of Thrivers will be encouraged to attend an online program information session. Their student will receive an email in April with information on how they can sign up.

Early Registration

In addition to having reserved seats for fall in a few highly sought after classes and professors, Thrive students are able to register for their Fall 2023 (first semester) classes BEFORE most incoming students! This will take place at the Spring Workshop.

ThriveX Summer Experience

  • This full-day university preparation experience is the only one of its kind at KSU and is only open to students in Thrive and SODI programs.
  • This event will be held on either July 14th or 21st.
  • The experience provides students:
    • A chance to become more familiar with the campus and its resources.
    • The opportunity to meet Thrive and SODI faculty, staff, and students.
    • A panel providing insights about what to expect and how to succeed your first semester.

First Year

First Year

First Semester (August-December 2023)

  • Thrive required programming in Fall 2023 is comprised of:
    • Enrollment in 1-2 reserved Thrive courses based on major and/or interest. All required courses will count toward degree requirements.
    • Two college success coaching appointments.
    • Participation in student programs and events.
  • By utilizing these resources, Thrive students gain confidence, learn time management and academic strategies, and begin getting involved in extracurricular activities. Students accomplish this while earning key credits toward obtaining their degree.

Second Semester (January-May 2024)

  • Students are supported through continued access to their Thrive college success coach as they begin their major coursework. Two to three appointments are required in the second semester, depending on the students need / GPA.
  • Students who are struggling with their transition to college, evidenced by GPAs at risk of losing HOPE, will attend additional coaching appointments and workshops, to further support their success at KSU.

Beyond First Year

Beyond First Year

  • Program requirements only apply through the student’s first year. However, by continuing active participation in Thrive, students gain access to study abroad and undergraduate research opportunities, networking and mentoring programs, graduating with honor cords, and more.
  • Students are able to continue meeting with their graduation college success coach as they plan and work together toward short and long-term goals.