Linda Lyons
Dr. Linda Lyons

The faculty and staff at Kennesaw State University are committed to helping you succeed during your time as our student, as well as after you graduate and pursue your personal and career goals. We invest our ideas and our efforts into innovative programs designed to take advantage of established best practices in order to give you a competitive edge over other students when taking the first steps into life after graduation. 

Our Thrive Scholars Program is designed specifically to assist students in their transition to college. Thrive offers high school seniors a chance to acquire and utilize knowledge about college success before their classes even begin.

Thrive Scholars experience workshops, a day on campus, and on-going communication with other Thrive students and staff, all of which give them early exposure to elements of their college education and place them a step ahead of other incoming students. Thrive students develop friendships early, have an opportunity to meet faculty and staff, and begin to feel at home in their new environment because of these experiences.

Scholars receive graduation coaching and register for shared courses or learning communities during their first semester. These two practices serve as the cornerstones for an elevated student experience, which allow Thrive Scholars to retain their HOPE scholarship at higher rates than their peer group. An innovative recognition program allows students to continue their focus on academic excellence beyond their first year.  The recognition program results in the annual Thrive program awards, as well as honor cords at graduation.

Access to study abroad experiences, an annual Thrive conference, guest speakers, and undergraduate research help students make the most of their college experience and acquire the experiences they need to have an edge in this competitive job market.

We recognize that transitioning to college is a big change and can be quite a challenge and key programs like Thrive, help students face that challenge head on, and not only survive…but Thrive!  That’s why I encourage all high school seniors who have been accepted to KSU and are eligible for HOPE to apply for a spot in the Thrive Scholars Program.  You’ll join the ranks of over 1,000 Thrive students who, since 2011, have been Thriving at KSU!